• Why Git?

    In this course (and in your own work), you will be writing lots of programs. Generally the first draft is not the final draft, be it a research paper or a computer script.

  • Install Git

    Git Installation: Windows Install Git for Windows, also known as msysgit or “Git Bash”, to get Git in addition to some other useful tools, such as the Bash shell. Yes, all those names are totally confusing, but you might encounter them elsewhere and I want you to be well-informed.

  • Git clients

    Git by xkcd Learning how and why to use version control can be rough. Just as those of you transitioning from a graphical user interface (GUI) statistical software like Stata or SPSS will discover, adapting to a command line interface is difficult.

  • Configure Git

    If you are configuring Git on your own computer, run the following code in the R console to ensure you have the required packages installed: install.packages(c("usethis", "gitcreds", "gh")) To ensure minimal challenges using Git during the class, we want to configure Git now with some default settings.

  • Setup Git and GitHub

    You only have to do this once per machine. Make a repository in GitHub Go to and login. Click the green “New Repository” button Repository name: myrepo Public Check Initialize this repository with a README Click the green “Create repository” button Copy the HTTPS clone URL to your clipboard via the green “Clone or Download” button.